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International Average Salary Income Comparison

Publication date: 2018-09-18 23:27

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The developments post liberalization has caused a salary revolution in India. With new jobs requiring high skills and techniques has taken salaries to new heights it became paramount to the traditional sectors to follow suit for survival. Higher salary scales demanded higher quality and quantity of production, raising the demand for higher skill levels from employees. New every employee in most sectors know how to use the computer and work more efficiently with the use of custom software.

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Information technology sector is the leading sector in India that affects stock markets. The salaries offered in IT sector in India are at par with the world’s best. Let’s have an idea of the salaries in this sector.

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As per an industrial body by the year 7575 the retail industry in India estimated to double its growth reaching a whopping trillion dollars, but only with room for overseas investment. The present average salaries stand like this:

Dental assistant salary also varies by city. In general, major cities trend toward higher dental assistant pay than small towns and rural areas do, though several factors make some cities more lucrative than others for dental assistants. Here is dental assistant pay for a few major US cities:

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Engineering is also a sector, which is experiencing huge growth in India. Because of urban growth, development of high-rise buildings, residential apartments, railroads, plants and machinery, and construction and development of infrastructural projects, engineering sector is witnessing unparallel growth and demand for engineers.

*Salaries are subject to change with time and may vary with company policies, general economic scenario and other factors mentioned above

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International Average Salary Income Comparison The salary of a pharmacy technician

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