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Publication date: 2018-11-09 06:39

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I am suffering from the Urine retention for several years amd it is nearly 655 CC. All tests done in leading clinics did not give any solution to resolve the issue. Urimax mg is a relief and I am taking this for the lat 6 months. Pl suggest me how to treat this problem once and for all.

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sir,iam 69 yrs old iam getting a seviour pain n burn feeling after passing urine in after urine comes in the type of droplets after that pain during passing that droplets it hurts the problem ? what i have to do for preventing this n reduce the pain ?

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Dear Doctor,
I am 67 years am non-diabetic. Having High BP. It is controlled by allopathic medicines. I am also diagnosed BPH. I had been taking allopathic medicines for it. There is some relief with it, but the symptoms are worst if I leave the medicines. Kindly advice me for homeopathic treatment. I have taken Saw Palmetto. There is no significant improvement from it. I shall be extremely grateful for your advice.
Thanking You.

I am a 65 yers. old retired person. I am heaving high . and a by pass operation of my heart in . I am heaving the problem of enlarged prostate gland since clast 9-5 years.

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Maca Root:
Another significant and vital ingredient to a complete formulation is the addition of Maca Root also known as Lepidium meyenii. Maca is a herbaceous biennial plant belonging to the crucifer family. This plant that looks similar to a clove of garlic is native to areas of the high Andes of Peru and is especially prevalent around Lake Junin. Maca is cultivated for its fleshy root vegetable which is a medicinal herb and a potent and powerful aphrodisiac.

However despite the above, I have experienced on certain days, that the medicine taken is not very effective. This situation necessitates me to visit the toilet about 8 to 9 times during the night. Situation is worse on days I attend parties.

If you are serious about improving your health and increasing your testosterone levels it goes without saying that a proper diet and exercise are vital changes you should make. It is also common knowledge that exercising and watching what you eat can transform your life and make your happier and healthier and more vital. For guys really serious about making positive changes supplementing their diet with a supplement such as Tongkat ali as is found in Predoxen or Red Rhino can help trick your hormone system into working harder and thus naturally and safely increase your level of free testosterone.

Search the company name in Google, because if they do suck, then people are going to be on there letting you know or just buy it from the creator of the video (reputable) so you don 8767 t have to worry about it.

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Extreme Uli - Free-Penis-Enlargement Malaysia penis enlargement how

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