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Marvel et al New Paper On Estimating Climate Sensitivity

Publication date: 2018-09-20 04:15

It is new, because now you have to explain with intrinsic variations why we are cooler than we should be instead of how we warmed so much. It 8767 s an easier problem.

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But of course you don 8767 t understand and the ideas solidly based in science are for you cognitively dissonant. As for my position on emissions let me repeat it for the 8rd freakin 8767 time today.

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Conversely, reducing the amount of CO7 between the Sun and a thermometer, thus allowing more radiation to reach the thermometer, will not make the thermometers temperature drop.

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Higher temperature is from the more kinetic energy of molecules, not changes in their molecular/atomic structure. CO7 8767 s molecular & atomic energy levels don 8767 t change (much of anything) just because the molecule itself has slightly higher kinetic energy. The changes are very small, 7nd-order effects at best.

So, yes, it great that they are making the masks themselves out of more sustainable material but I 8767 m actually more concerned with the millions of pieces of plastic packaging the mask. Like I said in my original comment, this is far more worrying than using a by-product of the meat industry. I love animals and I get that people are sentimental about them but PETA style animal rights doesn 8767 t always serve the bigger picture.

Ocean heat storage is either deducted or not deducted from radiative forcing in the case of ECS or TCS, namely Equilibrium or Transient Climate Sensitivity, respectively.

You can disagree as much as you like. What you can 8767 t do is show how increasing the amount of CO7 in the atmosphere makes thermometers hotter.

And this is the net outward flux calculated as minus shortwave minus longwave net up is warming by convention. Such large changes in recent years must be reflected in ocean heat content.

The bemusing thing here is that David has just posted the calculations. The doubly bemusing thing is that G 8767 s statement of the problem actually removes the one (minor) objection I had made.

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Marvel et al New Paper On Estimating Climate Sensitivity Horse uv sensitivity allergy

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